Dharmapuri Arvind Welcomes Revanth Reddy into BJP Open-Heartedly


BJP’s Nizamabad Lok Sabha candidate, Dharmapuri Arvind, made headlines with his open invitation to Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy, extending a warm welcome should Reddy decide to switch allegiance to the BJP. Arvind emphasized Reddy’s dynamic leadership and expressed readiness to endorse his induction into the party ranks, highlighting his longstanding friendship with Reddy.

During a candid press interaction, Arvind painted a grim picture of the Congress party’s future, asserting that its relevance in both state and national politics was dwindling. He opined that Reddy’s potential within the Congress would be stifled by internal politics, urging him to consider the BJP as a platform for his aspirations. Arvind’s remarks sparked speculation about potential political realignments in the region, adding a new layer of intrigue to the upcoming elections.


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