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Dil Raju upset with Few Reports by Media Corporations!

After his wife Anitha’s death, Dil Raju did not let him capitulate to despair and determined to work hard and come up with more entertaining movies. Dil Raju is the only producer in the film industry now, who is serving for about 18 hours in a single day.

Thus, Dil Raju is attempting to come up with more films that provision to the viewers of all flavors. Sometime back, there came the story that Dil Raju got persuaded by his family members to get married. Dil Raju took some time to think over it and eventually came to an end on the same.

Dil Raju is currently aged 50. He needs a partner in his life but a lot of media corporations stated that he already got married privately. Dil Raju did not like these reports and told a few that he is not going to get married secretly but would invite everyone to the wedding.

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