Wednesday, October 20, 2021
HomelatestDinakaran keeps Supporting MLA's

Dinakaran keeps Supporting MLA’s

Dinakaran keeps Supporting MLA’s

Dinakaran keeps Supporting MLA’s: After Jayalalitha died, no one can understand the politics in Tamilnadu. Even BJP thought they gain some strength, but they were far to Chennai due to the latest shocks. That’s why AIADMK cancel the involvement in Central Cabinet. Dinakaran being strong in SasiKala issue keep her in jail. Modi equations are not changing even after the combination of Paneer and Palan.

If the MLA’s who stay in resort did not come near to the Paneer and Palan. There is suspicion is whether the vote is favorable to them or not. Modi questioning the Panneer and Palan how to trust you in such difficult situation. CM and Deputy CM is in confusion to answer those questions. And Dinakaran is aggressively saying that he has a lot of sleeper cells in MLA’s.

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