Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Ellie Goulding used hubby Casper Jopling’s coat to hide pregnancy

Singer Ellie Goulding reveals she used her husband Casper Jopling’s coat to hide her pregnancy for the first six months, to keep the news private.

Chatting on a British cookery chat show, Ellie was asked how her pregnancy is going and how she hid it.”It’s different. I stole my husband’s coat for about six months, the soon-to-be mother revealed, according to

The singer, who is currently eight months pregnant added that lockdown helped the couple keep the pregnancy a secret.

“But that was really just in the shops, I didn’t go anywhere else. Out on walks, I just kept it covered up. It wasn’t really that hard, though, because of lockdown, I haven’t really seen anyone,” she said.

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