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HomelatestNo plans for Aadhaar linking- Facebook

No plans for Aadhaar linking- Facebook

Facebook has No plans for Aadhaar linking 

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A big controversy broke out on Wednesday, December 27, around Facebook prompting new users to fill their name according to their Aadhaar card details. But all of a sudden, the social media giant has come out with the clarification that they have no such plans of going ahead with this method.

Facebook stated in a blog post, “Some have interpreted this test as a request for people’s Aadhaar information when you sign for a Facebook account. But this is not correct. The test, that is finished now, merely includes national language on the account sign-up page to explain that using Aadhaar name will help family and friends recognize them.

Facebook re-confirmed, that they are not keen on collecting Aadhaar data and do not require people to enter their Aadhaar name when they sign up to the Facebook.

The goal of this test is only to make the new users understand how to sign up with their real name and connect with their friends and family. Facebook with these tests may learn new things that help them provide better sign-up experience for new users, as such they have no plans to roll this test out further.

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