Fake It Till You Make It 

Fake It Till You Make It 
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There may be times when you  woke up with a bad morning, picking a fight with a loved one or struggled through a morning job that u don’t actually enjoy, it can be a  tough time to plaster a smile on your face. But by choosing to smile, happy changes start to occur automatically both internally and externally.

Try making a test to smile and to think something negative at the same time without losing your smile. It’s hard? Isn’t it? Even when the smile is forced or unnatural, it still makes u feel “Life is good”. Did you ever experience someone smile at you and you feel better even in your bad situations? Yes that happens to everyone at some point of time in your life. Smiling may seem like a response to something funny, but it’s much more than that. People usually say to take a deep breath and put a smile to calm yourself down when you are feeling stressed. Studies say that smiling manage stress and anxiety by releasing endorphin chemicals that makes you happier and also smiling even makes your immune system stronger by making your body produce white blood cells to help fight illness. In most of the observations made between the people who smile the most and the people how doesn’t, it was observed that people who smile the most are more attractive, more approachable, more comfortable and more trustworthy compared to the others. If you want to be more credible and if you want be the best leader, helping yourself bond with others simply smile more. What could be easier than that? When a smile can change everything around you and when our body language can influence our emotions even a fake smile can end up feeling the same emotion of happiness, be happy smiling and make others happy.


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