Are Tollywood Filmmakers Anxious About the Latest Move by OTT Giants


Are Tollywood Filmmakers Anxious About the Latest Move by OTT Giants:

Tollywood filmmakers are losing sleep over reports that international digital giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime are planning to reduce their acquisition of Telugu movies. These two major OTT platforms typically allocate Rs 250 to 300 crores annually for procuring content from Tollywood. However, due to losses incurred with certain Telugu films, it appears they intend to trim their budgets.

This potential reduction in investment is causing concern among filmmakers, particularly those working on star-studded productions that heavily rely on support from these streaming platforms to ease the financial burden.

Producer Abhishek Nama emphasizes the significance of digital rights, alongside other revenue streams like audio, satellite, and Hindi dubbing rights, in enabling producers to recover their investments. The widespread viewership of these OTT platforms across over 200 countries adds to the apprehension.

are tollywood filmmakers anxious about the latest move by ott giants
Are Tollywood Filmmakers Anxious About the Latest Move by OTT Giants

Nevertheless, an unnamed top director points out that some top Telugu filmmakers share the blame for the situation. Their pursuit of pan-India movies and the subsequent high-value deals led to disappointments when these films failed to perform as expected.

Not every film can achieve the success of “RRR” or “Pushpa,” and certain Telugu filmmakers may have overestimated the global appeal of their projects. Digital platforms have recognized these limitations and are adjusting their strategies accordingly. For instance, a platform that purchased a Telugu star’s film for Rs 30 crore struggled to recoup even Rs 6 crore, prompting corporations to exercise caution.

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