Best Home Tips for Corona virus (2nd wave)


Hyderabad, May 5 (Telugu Bullet) Now India is suffering from second wave coronavirus which is the pandemic that has spread to almost all the countries of the world and is creating a lot of suffering and anxiety in India. currently. some people are in home isolation and some are admitted to hospital. doctor shashant share some of the home tips below

1.first thing is to try to remain at home as far as possible

2. you are wearing a very tight-fitting mask this can be either a cloth mask or an n95 mask or a multi-layered mask but ensure that the nose area there is a fold

3.if you have a face shield or even some spectacles that would provide additional protection because sometimes the virus rarely it can enter through the eye need to wash your hands at very frequent intervals if you have any latex gloves that would be good if you are touching any surfaces but if there is no gloves no problem you can use a pocket sanitiser or wash your hands using any soap for at least 30 to 40 seconds need to exercise and maintain a healthy diet please take good intake of fruits and vegetables and cut down on the fatty foods and deep-fried items

6.prevention of covid19 is maintain social distancing just ensure that you have at least six feet six to seven feet of distance between your adjacent person articularly even if you are in the house and there are some elderly people


the symptoms of covid infection is first common symptom is dry cough so if you develop a dry cough or if you are running a fever if you are having weakness and one more symptom is diarrhea you can have loose motions .

finally , I share some information with you . if you want more information. I can share the link below.please stay home stay safe



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