From Microsoft to Masala Chai: Bill Gates’ India Visit


Bill Gates, the renowned philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft, caused a stir in the online community during his recent visit to India when he was spotted sipping tea from a roadside vendor’s stall. In a video posted on his Instagram page, Gates can be seen requesting a cup of tea from the famous Dolly Chaiwala, capturing the attention of millions with his simple gesture.

The video, showcasing Gates’ interaction with Dolly as she prepares the tea in her unique style, quickly went viral, amassing over 30 million views on Instagram. Netizens marveled at the sight of Gates embracing the local culture and appreciated his recognition of India’s innovative spirit, even in the small act of making tea.

Commentators on the post expressed their amusement and excitement, with one jokingly asking about the bill and another likening Gates’ visit to a remarkable crossover event. The location of Dolly Chaiwala’s stall, situated near Nagpur’s old VCA stadium in the Sadar neighborhood, added to the intrigue surrounding Gates’ impromptu tea session.

In his brief message, Gates expressed his enthusiasm for being back in India and highlighted the country’s rich tradition of innovation, emphasizing his anticipation for engaging in more discussions over tea. Prior to his tea stop, Gates had also visited the Microsoft India Development Centre (IDC) in Hyderabad, further solidifying his connection with the country’s technological landscape.

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