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Gaali Sampath movie will release in OTT platform

Hyderabad, March 17(Telugu Bullet) The film that came to the forefront of the audience with a new concept was Gaali Sampath. The film also received rave reviews from critics for its introduction to the air language, Phi Phi Phi. But not as a commercial.

Over at the box office, the race gems collapsed unable to withstand the competition. Disaster Talk brought the film to OTT. The OTT platform will be released on March 19 in Aha. It seems that the Aaha team has struck a good deal with the film unit for this.

Rajendra Prasad played the lead role of Sri Vishnu and Lovely Singh in ‘Gaali Sampath’. Directed by Anish, the film is directed by Anil Ravipudi. Built by Krishna, Sahu Garapati, Harish Paddy.

The film, which premiered on March 11, failed miserably to garner collections. With this, the producers opted for an OTT release. As a result, Pattumani’s coming to OTT less than ten days before the film’s release has become a hot topic in Tollywood.

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