Monday, February 6, 2023
HomelatestGadkari's Comments On CBN Shocks Everyone:

Gadkari’s Comments On CBN Shocks Everyone:

The current minister of Road, Transport, Highways, Shipping and Water resources Nitin Gadkari comments on A.P Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu at the laying stone foundation for National projects at Visakhapatnam has drawn the attention of everyone.

On this occasion, Gadkari has heaped praises on Chandrababu Naidu for his commitment to the development of the state. The National Highway projects in and around Visakhapatnam worth 6688 crores has been started by Gadkari yesterday. He made some positive and interesting comments on the functioning of A.P government.

Gadkari stated that Andhra Pradesh is considered to be a very special state to the central government and has assured that the BJP would fulfil all the promises for the development of the state. He also mentioned that Polavaram is National treasury and they have chalked out a plan to utilise the water(3000tmc) that is going wasted.

Out of all, his positive comments and applauses on CBN have surprised everyone. Though CBN has walked out off NDA and made severe allegations, the BJP minister has responded in a much positive way and also advice media not to see both Politics and Development as one. He opined those both have to be seen in an individual manner.

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