Gautam Sawang’s Son Involved in Altercation with Youth


Gautam Swang’s Son Involved in Altercation with Youth:

While reports suggest that the confrontation arose from a dispute between two groups over a girl, it has been confirmed that David physically assaulted a young man, causing significant injuries during the brawl.

Notably, neither party has lodged a complaint with the police, and a senior city police official stated that they are currently in the process of verifying the incident’s details. They intend to interview both groups involved to establish a comprehensive account of what transpired.

gautam sawang's son involved in altercation with youth
Gautam Swang’s Son Involved in Altercation with Youth

Photographs of the injured young man and purported message screenshots, allegedly sent to him by David, have circulated widely on social media. In addition, there are claims that David may have discouraged the injured individual from reporting the incident to the authorities. As of now, Gautam Sawang has not issued a response to this matter.

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