Couldn’t compete Fidaa..?

Gautham Nanda movie talk

Gautham Nanda movie talk

Mega hero Varun Tej and Sai pallavi’s recent movie fidaa is doing well near box office. It’s been a week the movie is on screens, yet the collections are huge. Recently this week Gopichand’s movie Goutham Nanda is on screen and Gautham Nanda movie talk is positive from the audience.

But fidaa movie is getting huge collections comparing to Gopichand’s movie as family audience are showing more interest for the movie fidaa. Fidaa movie is receiving appreciation by all types of audience including the mass audience. Furthermore, with the fidaa affect Goutham Nanda is not receiving the collections as expected. The team unit of Goutham Nanda are depressed as the result is not expected even though the movie got lot of hype but finally in loss.

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