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 Gear up for a 5-Star hotel experience in Space!

5-Star hotel experience in Space!

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Yes, you heard me right. A 5-star hotel in Space is indeed coming up. The tourism sector is crossing all its limitations and crawling towards space tourism. Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities) is planning huge. It has made plans to build a 20-ton, 51- foot long luxury hotel module on the International Space Station (ISS) with facilities like sleeping quarters, hygiene and medical stations, a lounge area, exercise equipment and Wi-Fi.

The cost estimated for construction of this luxury hotel would be around $279 million-$ 446 million which is around Rs.18, 000 crores to Rs.28, 000 crores. A passenger will have to pay $ 40 million (Rs.256 crores) for a 2-week stay at the space hotel. A month-long stay and spacewalk will be costing around $20 million (Rs.128 crores). The passengers can watch the Earth too, take selfies and they can walk on the satellite as well.

The Russian Space Agency is aiming to send the passengers to the space hotel within a span of two years from now. Common space enthusiasts who are interested and also have money can plan the visit now itself.

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