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God, Sex, and Truth movie effect on Nagarjuna – RGV movie! Will it be shelved?

God, Sex, and Truth movie effect on Nagarjuna 

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Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma needs no introduction. Be it Bollywood or Tollywood, the director never failed to indulge himself in controversies uncalled for. There was a time when his career was almost ending. During that time, he became famous for his leg pulling comments on other stars than his film. It was exactly at this time, Nagarjuna came forward to do a film with RGV. The Nagarjuna RGV movie made headlines in all daily tabloids in the Telugu states.

Despite knowing RGV’s tragic track record at the box in recent times, Nagarjuna still went ahead with the film. Even RGV seemed to be committed, after knowing the immense trust Nagarjuna has put in him. The film’s first look caught the attention of trade analysts and film personnel. It is exactly during this time when everything seemed to go in balance, RGV came up with GST – God Sext and Truth from nowhere.

Leave about Mia Malkova’s performance in the film, the film itself became the subject of never-ending debates on Telugu news channels. Besides this, writer P Jayakumar’s claims that GST is subject to plagiarism further damaged RGV’s reputation.

This gave enough space for rumours and fears to creep in. Few rumours claimed that Nagarjuna is taking a back step from the movie for an undefined time. Meanwhile, other sources are expressing that, Akkineni fans are greatly worried by RGV’s involvement in controversies, and are afraid that, Nagarjuna – RGV movie might eventually bomb at the box-office. Only time will which happen in either of the two!

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