Google Play Store Blocks 1.43 Million Policy-Violating Apps


Tech gain Google has been blocked across1.43 million of apps because they violated its terms and conditions to enter the play store The company has also implemented stricter guidelines for new developers looking to join the Play Store ecosystem, which has resulted in a decrease in the number of accounts used to publish violent apps.

Additionally, the Firm has banned 173,000 “bad accounts” that prevented over $2 billion in fraudulent and abusive transactions. To enhance the security of the Android platform, a big company has stopped almost 500,000 apps from accessing sensitive permissions over the last three years.

The tech giant is also working to combat fraudulent and malicious ads on the Google Play store and has established guidelines to improve in-app user experience and prevent unexpected full-screen interstitial advertisements.

Google Support for developers:

In an effort to improve communication with app developers on the Play Store, Company has launched new features and resources. A support system has been put to help more developers.

Additionally, the Tech giant has piloted the company Play Developer Community, which allows developers to discuss policy-related questions and share best practices for developing secure applications. These efforts aim to provide developers with a better policy experience on the Play Store.


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