Google may release Pixel Tablet Pro with Tensor G2 chip


Tech giant Google will reportedly release a Pro version of its upcoming Pixel Tablet, which will feature a Tensor G2 chip.

According to leaker Kuba Wojciechowski, the tech giant initially started working on a tablet using the original Tensor chip but this project was then allegedly canceled as the company began working on a tablet that used Tensor G2 instead, reports Android Authority.

The first device is expected to be the Pixel Tablet and the second device is likely to be the one coming to market this year, which might be the Pro model.

The leaker also mentioned that the only difference between the two devices is likely to be the chip powering them.

Last month, Wojciechowski discovered a device called “TangorPro” in the Google Camera Go application’s code.

As “Tangor” is believed to be the codename for the Pixel Tablet, “TangorPro” strongly indicated a Pro variant of the Pixel Tablet.

Meanwhile, the upcoming Pixel Tablet and its charging speaker dock have been leaked on Facebook Marketplace, a destination on Facebook where people can buy and sell items.


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