GPT Store: OpenAI Opens Marketplace for Custom AI Models


OpenAI has finally launched the GPT Store, a platform where users can buy and sell customized AI models based on the company’s powerful language models. This comes after a successful program where users created over 3 million “GPTs” since November.

Access to the GPT Store requires a premium ChatGPT subscription, like ChatGPT Plus, Enterprise, or the newly launched Team plan. This team-oriented plan costs $25 per user per month (annual billing) and grants access to advanced features like GPT-4, DALL-E 3, and custom GPT creation.

The GPT Store was initially planned for November but faced delays due to internal drama at OpenAI. Now, it allows creators to share their custom AI models, offering a variety of helpful tools for tasks like learning board games, teaching math, or designing graphics.

OpenAI also announced a revenue sharing program for GPT creators, starting in the first quarter of 2024. This move incentivizes further development and sharing within the community.

The GPT Store marks a significant step in democratizing AI by giving users the power to tailor AI models to their specific needs and potentially profit from their creations. This could lead to a vibrant marketplace of innovative AI tools, benefiting both creators and users alike.


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