GST Council Removes Tax on Millet Flour


GST Council Removes Tax on Millet Flour:

In the year dedicated to millet, the GST Council has announced the exemption of millet flour from GST.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman revealed that food preparations in powder form containing at least 70 percent millet will no longer be subjected to GST during a press conference following the GST Council meeting.

These food products must be sold without branding or in non-branded packaging.

However, branded millet products will still be subject to a 5 percent GST, according to the Finance Minister.

GST Council Aligns with “Year of the Millet,” Exempts Millet Flour from GST.

gst council removes tax on millet flour
GST Council Removes Tax on Millet Flour

Previously, the GST Council’s fitment committee had recommended exempting powdered millet while denying any incentives for prepared millet-based products.

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