Wednesday, December 8, 2021
HomelatestGurmeeth Ram Raheem Dera Sachha Sowdha

Gurmeeth Ram Raheem Dera Sachha Sowdha

Gurmeet Ram Raheem Dera Sachha Sowdha

Gurmeet Ram Raheem Dera Sachha Sowdha: For Gurmeet Ram Rahim there would be seven to ten years prison is confirmed. As now also by the interrogation by Deras, they are finding new crimes…the crime also increased. In this situation, the Deras are handover and uncharged by who this topic is going on. As from seven years, most related to Gurpreet Harpreet name is listening. As 37 years Bachelor, Bramha Chari is also in the race.

All are telling Gurmeet is married and Harpreet is his daughter. But no one had clarity on this. As the court ordered to vacate the Daras there was no Daras said by some. And by Gurmeet Dara world is going to abolish. One way Punjab and other way Haryana states they are most serious on the Daras in their areas. As this is a chance the Sikh leaders who’re are against to Gurmeet are showing their reaction. As we have to wait until the court result to come.

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