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Homelatest‘Hang my Son-in-Law’, says Priya Mehta’s Mother

‘Hang my Son-in-Law’, says Priya Mehta’s Mother

‘Hang my Son-in-Law’, says Priya Mehta’s Mother

The recent shooting episode in New Delhi has cause high tensions. In the wake of this incident, the police officials carried out an investigation. And it was learned that Pankaj Mehta killed his wife Priya Mehta and tried to fabricate a ‘story’ about her killing. The recent news is that the mother of Priya Mehta has vent out her agony and anguish, and demanded to hang Pankaj Mehta without any further investigations and formalities.

‘Priya and Pankaj loved each other. The marriage also went ahead without any issue. Families on both sides were very happy for the couple. How could he do this to Priya? How could he kill her so cruelly? This is unacceptable for us, and we are not able to come to terms that Priya is not with us anymore,’ stated Pankaj’s father.

‘During the investigation, Pankaj accepted the crime. To escape from clearing a debt he has killed Priya. He wanted to fabricate as if the money lender has planned for the shooting, and make him guilty in the eyes of law’ stated a police official.

Few sources are also quoting that, ‘Pankaj is currently having an intimate relationship with a Singer who is working with a restaurant. In order to continue with the second woman in his life, Pankaj wanted to eliminate Priya. Hence he has planned for the shooting, which would not only eliminate Priya but also relieve him from paying his debt.’

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