Saturday, August 13, 2022
HomelatestA Lie Detector Test For The Jagan’s Attacker?

A Lie Detector Test For The Jagan’s Attacker?

Srinivas Rao who attacked the Opposition leader YS Jagan at Vizag International Airport is in the safe custody of Vizag Airport Authority Security. The Police Chief of AP is now trying to move the Court for a strong move of the investigation. Post the attack, the culprit Srinivas Rao has been deeply investigated by the AP Police and recovered shocking secrets.

Jagan to gain voters’ sympathy

From a disappointment letter to the tall claims of himself being a huge fan of Jagan, Srinivas Rao declared that he attacked Jagan to gain voters’ sympathy. Police now approached the High Court to have the permission to conduct a Lie Detector Test to conclude this investigation on Srinivas. Meanwhile, a team of AP Police are trying to get the statement of Jagan but failed thrice. The Court is yet to give its verdict on Police’s plea regarding this Test.

The YSRCP Chief is reluctant

The YSRCP Chief is reluctant to cooperate with the AP Police and demands the Centre to shift this investigation from AP Police to any third party investigation agency. He expressed his doubts on the AP Police Department as he firmly believes that the TDP Government would distort the facts and his statement according to their will.

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