Hanuman Jayanthi Vijaya Yatra Starts at Gowliguda in Hyderabad


Amidst vibrant celebrations, the Veer Hanuman Jayanthi Vijaya Yatra kicked off from the Shri Ram Mandir at Gowliguda, drawing a multitude of devotees as it embarks on its journey towards Bowenpally. Spanning 13 kilometers, the procession is set to unite various communities along its path, bolstered by the collective spirit of devotion and reverence.

Accompanied by fervent prayers at the Sri Ram Mandir Gowliguda, the procession, spearheaded by organizations like the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal, symbolizes a harmonious blend of tradition and faith. Under the vigilant eye of senior police officials, the procession progresses, with stringent security measures in place to ensure a safe and peaceful celebration.

As the day unfolds, Dhoolpet, Gowlipura, Lal Darwaza, and other neighborhoods resonate with the echoes of smaller processions, each a testament to the enduring spirit of devotion. With liquor shops shuttered in observance, the city stands united in its reverence for this auspicious occasion, poised to welcome the dawn of a new day with renewed devotion and spiritual fervor.


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