After Hari Krishna, Its Kidari Sravan To Enter Cabinet That Way


The TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu made a sensational decision of making Kidari Sravan as a Minister in AP. Thus Sravan became the second person in the history of AP Politics to become a Minister without entering either Legislative Assembly or Council. Be it to impress the Tribal community or to pay homage to encountered Sarweswar Rao, CBN made his son Shravan a Minister in AP Cabinet. Shravan is neither a Political leader nor at least an MLA but a regular young man who is preparing for the Civils with high aspirations.

minister despite being an mla or mlc.

Such young lad got the opportunity to be a Minister despite being an MLA or MLC. This abnormal act of CBN may create many doubts the Political lovers but this is completely under the constitution of Indian Politics. This is not the first time a thing like this has happened in AP Politics. Earlier, Hari Krishna too got induced into the CM’s cabinet without becoming MLA or MLC. Generally, these kinds of Ministers will be given the seat of MLC within six months of their oath.

general elections of ap arrive in almost 6 monthsBut the fact that the general elections of AP arrive in almost 6 months, there shall be no chance for Shravan to enter Assembly or Legislative Council. Whatever might be the case, this is a good decision taken by the AP CM at the right time. Shravan in Amaravathi swore to serve his community of Tribals within this short period of time he has in his hand.


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