‘Hello’ Movie Review by Telugu Bullet

‘Hello’ Movie Review

‘Hello’ Movie Review

Posted December 22, 2017, 3:44 pm at 15:44

Actors: Akhil, Kalyani Priyadharshan, Ramya Krishna, Jagapathi Babu
Producer: Nagarjuna
Director: Vikram K. Kumar
Cinematography: P.S. Vinod
Editor: Praveen Pudi
Music: Anoop Rubens

Akhil’s latest film ‘Hello’ has generated hype before its release. With Megastar Chiranjeevi lauding the film for its emotional touch and brilliant performance of Akhil in the film, the expectations on the film increased. Even Nagarjuna stated that ‘Hello’ will stand out as a grand re-launch for Akhil. Vikram, who directed super hit films like Manam and 24 directed this film. Let us take a look whether the audience clearly heard ‘Hello’ from Akhil’s ‘Hello’.


The story is pretty straightforward and simple. Akhil lives as an orphan during his childhood. He meets a girl from a rich family [during his childhood]. They both get separated with time. Later, Akhil is adopted by a very loving and caring couple. After few years, Akhil and that girl (Kalyani Priyadarshan) meet. But are unaware that they are childhood friends. Akhil tries calling a phone number which acts as a bridge between the two. The rest of the story is whether Akhil will meet her? Will they reunite?


After hearing the title, and looking at the teaser, everyone thought ‘Hello’ would be a film far away from Tollywood stereotypes. The moment you start watching the film, it feels like a blend of the old and new movie. You are bound to recollect movies like Mansantha Nuvve, Thuneega Thuneega as you watch Hello. It’s pretty difficult for this generation audience to connect with this kind of film. The director’s intention to include commercial elements in a feel-good movie comes as a surprise.

Though few scenes in which hero and heroine become desperate for their soulmate seem appealing, the point that separates them doesn’t seem convincing. This greatly diminished any scope for ‘drama’ in the film whatsoever. The film doesn’t consist of any ‘flashback’ scenes. The voice over the effort of Nagarjuna fails to engage the audience.

No doubt, the director might have felt the weights on his shoulders. This can be clearly seen both in the direction and screenplay department. It feels as if the director has been forced to include some sequences in the film.

Talking about Akhil, he performed exceptionally well in the high-octane action sequences. Again, one might feel the lack of necessity of such actions sequences for a feel-good movie. Akhil needs to work on emotional scenes as an actor. Heroine, Kalyani Priyadarshan failed to mesmerize the audience with her charm or beauty. The only thing you remember as you walk out the theatre is Ramya Krishna and Jagapathi Babu who played the role of parents for Akhil.

Plus Points:

  • Few scenes between Hero and Heroine
  • Action Sequences
  • Dialogues
  • Music (in bits and pieces)


  • Weak Script
  • Unwanted Action dose
  • Lack of Drama and Emotions

Telugu Bullet Punchline:

Nagarjuna’s dream of ‘re-launching’ Akhil still remains as a ‘dream’ even after ‘Hello’

Rating: 2.5/5

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