Monday, March 27, 2023
HomelatestHema Malini Shocked Media

Hema Malini Shocked Media

Hema Malini Shocking Question to Media

Hema Malini Shocking Question to Media: Before voting even the commoners think about the candidate and their background. They will vote after knowing all the things. But our MPs are blindly voting. This thing is clear with the episode of Hema Malini. It became comedy that she was not aware of the vice presidential candidate for the Opposition.

When Hema Malini taking to media, Gopala Krishna Gandhi came and media went around him by leaving Hema. But Hema didn’t understand why media surrounded him by leaving her. So, Hema directly asked media person that who is he…?

So, Modi, Amith Sha are teasing that if UP MP knowledge is this then what about the other MP’s… If she doesn’t know then she should ask the co-leaders. So they gave a good class for Hema that why to ask media…?

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