BJP’s New Formula To Conquer The South Revealed:


Hero Sivaji Leaks BJP Mission South India

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The Amit Shah lead BJP is in the process of conquering uncrackable South India with their unique strategies. Mainstream Political analysts invested their time to decide their strategy which they are following now.

Many claims that the Congress Party is the only party which follows the rule “Divide and Rule”. If we observe carefully, it is BJP which implement this rule in real time to gain power. After conquering North, the BJP is all set to have control over the South. Leaders like Jayalalitha, YSR made it difficult for any Central leader to have a grip on their states but the situation has changed now. Even though BJP is not ruling, it has kept his alliances to have indirect control. Its strategy is to praise their alliances and their work but stabbing them slowly from the back by making their alliances turn against them.

If we observe closely, From Amit Shah to the local BJP leader Vishnu Kumar Reddy, they are praising the party TDP and their works to the people officially. At the same time, they end up making TDP going anti to them in order to have Public’s sympathy. Not less than a day ago, BJP MLA Vishnu Kumar Reddy lauded TDP for Polavaram project and ended his speech by pointing out TDP’s inability to develop the state post bifurcation. Even in the Tamil Nadu, BJP is silently encouraging AIADMK by making its MPs protesting in Parliament. This formula is more or less close to Shivaji’s Operation Dravida.

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