Sree Vishnu Next Movie Titled ‘Swag’: A Humorous Jungle Tale


sree vishnu next movie titled swag
Sree Vishnu Next Movie Swag Poster

As anticipation builds for Sree Vishnu upcoming movie, People Media Factory teases fans with the unveiling of “Swag,” a collaboration with director Hashit Goli. Celebrating Sree Vishnu’s birthday, the makers offer a glimpse into the film’s humorous concept through a captivating video.

Titled “Swag,” the film introduces a whimsical narrative featuring jungle animals contemplating leadership post-lion’s reign, with Sunil and Gangavva lending their voices to the characters. Sree Vishnu’s regal presence in the teaser, coupled with a poignant line, hints at the movie’s witty storyline.

With a promising teaser and entertaining concept video, “Swag” promises a refreshing take on comedy. Reuniting the core team from “Raja Raja Chora,” including Vedaraman Sankaran and Vivek Sagar, ensures a seamless continuation of quality and style, making this film a highly anticipated entertainer.


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