Conduct Panchayat Elections In Three Months: HC Orders AP

Conduct Panchayat Elections In Three Months

The High Court of Hyderabad passed a strict order to the TDP Government to conduct Panchayat elections in less than three months. More details of this sensational piece of news as follows. Likewise Telangana Government, AP ruling party too directed its Government to appoint special officers in the places of Sarpanches who ended their terms despite conducting Panchayat elections. A group of ex Sarpanches approached High Court of AP in Hyderabad for their justice. Reluctant AP Government tried its best to postpone Panchayat elections as they may affect the interest of voters for the general elections of 2019.

the bench favoured the ex Sarpanches

After hearing, the bench favoured the ex Sarpanches and directed the AP Government to conduct and declare the results of Panchayat elections within three months from now. Now the ruling party TDP is quite upset as any negative result of these elections would directly impact Assembly elections. The only relaxation HC gave is it allowed the appointed special officers to continue their work for these three months.Prior to this verdict, the High Court of Hyderabad passed the same verdict to TRS Government. Unlike CBN, KCR is a happy man as the snap polls will be conducted prior to the Panchayat elections.


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