Hyderabad Banks Not Receive New Notes


Hyderabad Banks Not Receive New Notes

Hyderabad Banks Not Receive New Notes: Demonetization effect on India wide. But in Hyderabad, this effect is in the high range. Last time new 2000 notes also never come to us early. Even now also new 200 and 50 notes not yet entered into the Hyderabad. It is shocking that mistake is still repeating. In Northern states, the 200 rupee notes will be released.

Then in Hyderabad, it does not make any sense of new notes. RBI have a negligence on southern states. New notes are available in metro cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata. Whether the RBI is really saying, either they are doing anything else or not. During the demonetization, CM KCR serious of RBI because of not sending notes. If RBI doest changes their way otherwise the Telangana government seems to react very seriously.

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