Monday, September 20, 2021
HomelatestHyderabad: Capital Of Drugs

Hyderabad: Capital Of Drugs

Hyderabad Is Capital Of Drugs

Hyderabad Is Capital Of Drugs: Till now Hyderabad is the city of terrorism but not it became the capital for drugs. The government is saying that they are killing drugs groups but nothing happening like that. Not only in Shamshabad airport but drugs are available in every place. Everyone is distributed that even students are using drugs.

We can understand if there are drugs edicts in some time pass colleges. But if top schools, colleges are also dealing drugs business means all their promotions are bluff. Even CM KCR couldn’t able to control who made his policeman powerful.

CM KCR gave all the facilities for police, even he increased the budget like any other CM previously.  CM KCR fired on DCP and other officials that why they couldn’t able to control this drugs racket. As because of them, the government is facing the problem. As one after the other police is giving troubles for TRS.

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