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HomelatestHyderabad Metro fails to impress the public commuters!

Hyderabad Metro fails to impress the public commuters!

Hyderabad Metro fails to impress the public commuters!

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After Hyderabad Metro Rail was officially launched for public commuters, everyone celebrated it as a great festival. The commuters, especially travelling by TSRTC Buses and personal two-wheelers vehicles thought that travelling in the metro would greatly reduce their travelling time. Even before a month, commuters started complaining about the metro services.

Commuters stated that metro is failing to serve its main purpose of reducing time. ‘Metro trains are scheduled to stop for 20 seconds at every metro station. Instead, they are halting for more than a minute. At times even 5 minutes,’ said a commuter.

This is troubling the commuters. It is also motivating them to look at other alternatives, TSRTC buses and personal vehicles. Recently, a metro train stopped at the Begumpet station for 7 minutes. The trains have been even stopping in the midway for reasons unknown (to the commuters). The commuters are forced to travel in the metro, irrespective of the delays, once they purchase the ticket.

The commuters also complained about the span of ‘train interchange time’ at Ameerpet station. Due to the delay, many commuters nagged about missing other trains. Even after waiting 15 minutes due to the interchange, the trains run behind the clock.

What thought to be a comfortable air-conditioned travel, reducing the travel time, turned to be a nightmare for many commuters.

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