Hyderabad Rains: Power Woes and Infrastructure Damage


Sudden rainfall accompanied by strong winds wreaked havoc across the city on Saturday, causing power outages and damage to electrical infrastructure. Numerous areas experienced blackouts as fallen tree branches collided with power lines, leading to disruptions in power supply.

Power authorities reported instances of uprooted trees and damaged electric poles in various parts of the city, including Kondapur, Rajendranagar, and Charminar. Despite the challenges posed by adverse weather conditions, swift restoration efforts were undertaken, with power being reinstated in most affected areas within a short period.

Energy Minister Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka took to social media to acknowledge the disruptions caused by the inclement weather, assuring residents that prompt action was taken to address the issues and restore normalcy. The aftermath of the storm left streets strewn with debris from fallen trees and billboards, highlighting the intensity of the weather event.


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