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Allari Naresh Depends On Hyper Aadi

Hyper Aadi Promoting Allari Naresh Meda Meeda Abbai Movie

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Hyper Aadi Promoting Allari Naresh Meda Meeda Abbai Movie: Allari Naresh who became flop hero from success guarantee hero. Every movie is a flop in box office since 5 years. ‘Meda Meeda Abbai’ movie is getting ready to release. The audience is not much interested in this movie compared to his previous movies. The film unit members are using hyper Aadi to promote the movie to get the response more.

Hyper Aadi has an important role in ‘Meda Meeda Abbai’ movie. So in the promotion, Aadi is equally promoting with Allari Naresh in the media. Allari Naresh fans are feeling that Allari Naresh who is a very good hero in many movies is now taking help of Aadi who is a comedian in Jabardasth to promote his movie. The fans are wishing Allari Naresh to get back to his old stage. Let’s see ‘Meda Meeda Abbai’ movie will give success to Allari Naresh or will hyper Aadi get chances as hero…?

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