I disconnect from people who try to break my self-esteem, says Sadaa


Actress Sadaa, who has turned into a wildlife photographer in recent times, has said that she cannot compromise her dignity and self-esteem in life no matter what and that she cuts herself off from people who try to break her self-esteem.

Taking to Instagram, the actress posted a clip from her recent interview with a media outlet, and wrote, “Straight from the heart answer to a question least expected for an interview meant for the promotions of a web series.

“Caring for self is not being selfish as most people would like you to believe. The ones who expect you to put them over your self-respect or happiness, are the ones who are actually selfish! Best to stay away from them for your own peace”

In the video clip, the actress is asked the question, ‘When do people try to break your self-esteem?’

Sadaa replies, “I cut off. For me, my self-esteem, my dignity, and my pride come here (pointing to the top) and I cannot compromise on that aspect of my life no matter what. If anyone even tries to tamper a little bit with it, I am like completely disconnected. This is a closed thing/chapter.”


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