IBM India: AI Set to Generate More Jobs Than it Destroys


As the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) poses potential threats to certain job sectors, Sandip Patel, Managing Director at IBM India/South Asia, offers a contrasting perspective, suggesting that AI will generate more job opportunities than it eliminates.

In his conversation, Patel emphasizes the evolution of technology and innovation over time, drawing parallels to previous transformative shifts. He argues that while the emergence of the Internet initially led to job declines in traditional sectors like newspaper printing, it simultaneously birthed entirely new job categories such as web design, data science, digital marketing, and web publishing, employing millions.

Patel underscores the importance of re-skilling in adapting to the changing job landscape, emphasizing the need for individuals to acquire the necessary skills to work alongside AI and automation tools effectively.

Despite ongoing efforts by companies in India to train or reskill employees for collaboration with automation and AI, Patel highlights the vast scope for further initiatives in this regard, acknowledging the government’s recognition of the issue.

Regarding talent acquisition, Patel points out that while there is enthusiasm among employees to embrace new AI and automation tools, there remains a challenge in training a diverse workforce, not all of whom can become proficient coders or AI developers.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for IT and Skill Development, echoes similar sentiments, emphasizing the pivotal role of technological talent in India’s AI advancement. Chandrasekhar stresses the urgent need for universities to produce skilled professionals in AI through master’s and PhD programs.

Highlighting talent as a critical concern, Chandrasekhar calls for collaborative efforts between the tech industry, academic institutions, and governments worldwide to address the talent gap and shape the future workforce for AI-related jobs.


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