If elections are held in Telangana now ..? You will be shocked to see this survey!


If elections are held in Telangana now .. Do you think there will be stiff competition between TRS and BJP ..? It is not the same .. There is competition between the Congress and the BJP. BJP is going to be the single largest party

trs, bjp drop key contenders, cong fields top leaders in telangana
It is known that BJP is strengthening in Telangana .. It is growing as an alternative to TRS. Dubaka, GHMC elections revealed the same thing. But if elections are held in the state now .. the competition will be between BJP and Congress and not between BJP and TRS. If elections are held in Telangana now, BJP will get 49 to 54 seats. TRS will get 14 to 16 seats. This is according to a survey conducted by the Center for Political Research and Cephalology Studies. The relevant PDF is circulating on social media.

The survey was conducted in 119 assembly constituencies in the state between December 28 and January 19, collecting 1.80 lakh samples. While 19.9 per cent said the TRS government was performing well, 38.1 per cent said it was not good, 39.8 per cent said it was not good and 2.2 per cent said it was not. The survey found that 21.4 per cent said CM KCR performance was good, 33.3 per cent said it was not good, 43.4 per cent said it was not good and 2 per cent said it was not.

At the same time, 36.6 per cent said the performance of the central government was good. 43.2 per cent said it was not good, 17.5 per cent said it was not good and 2.7 per cent said it was not.

When it comes to voting sharing in Telangana .. 31.8 per cent votes for the Congress, 37.4 per cent for the BJP .. TRS will not be limited to 13.5 per cent of the votes. This is less than the percentage of votes cast for the Majlis (14.2 per cent). The TDP got 0.9 per cent of the vote.
If elections are held now, the Congress will get 43-47 seats, the BJP 49-54, the TRS 14-16, the AIMIM 7-10 seats and the others 0-2 seats, the survey said. Do you believe the details of this survey ..? Has the TRS situation deteriorated so much ..? Sounds different somewhere ..?


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