If you don’t get the right vibe, cut them out from your life, says actress Pranitha


Actress Pranitha has suggested to her fans and followers that they either take a step back or completely cut off from people from whom they don’t get the right vibes.

Taking to Instagram recently, the actress said: “This is especially for postpartum mammas because it’s a very emotional and sensitive phase which no one will understand.”

Taking a leaf from her personal experience, she mentioned: “I’ve made that mistake of trying to be a people pleaser and it has backfired sometimes. One piece of advice I can give new mammas or in fact, anyone is … if you are not getting the right vibe from someone, make sure you cut them out of your life or make sure you take a step back.”

“It will be hard. There are times when people have wondered if I was ‘avoiding’ them. But if it makes you happier, then do it. You’re not obligated to hang out with anyone out there. Also so glad my husband has been so supportive of me through things like these,” her post further stated.

Making an important point, she concluded her post by saying: “It’s very hard to tell if someone is being toxic but if you feel uneasy after meeting them if you find yourself trying to remember everything you said while you were with them, etc, it clearly means the vibe wasn’t healthy.”


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