IMD Alert: Hyderabadies Get Ready for Early Summer Arrival


As March approaches, Hyderabadies brace themselves for the annual battle against sweltering summer temperatures. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) in Hyderabad has issued an early summer forecast, indicating a premature onset of the scorching season in the city.

Dr. A. Shravani, an IMD scientist, predicts a typical first week of March, but warns of a substantial temperature surge in the second week, signaling the advent of summer. While Hyderabad usually experiences summer around March 21, this year’s forecast suggests an earlier arrival.

“Summer seems to be arriving sooner than anticipated,” Dr. Shravani cautioned, noting that February witnessed fluctuating weather patterns within seasonal norms. From temperature spikes to sudden drops and bouts of fog, the month has been marked by meteorological oscillations rather than a steady climb in temperatures.

According to the latest IMD-Hyderabad forecast, Hyderabad can expect partly cloudy skies with haze until March 5, with daytime temperatures averaging around 35 degrees Celsius and nighttime lows around 23 degrees Celsius.


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