Imran Khan sees 80% chances of his arrest on Tuesday


 Imran Khan expressed concerns about his personal safety

According to reports, former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed concerns about the possibility of his arrest as he seeks pre-arrest bail in multiple cases in Islamabad. Khan stated that the opposition alliance, the PDM, was colluding with the army to dismantle the democratic system in order to keep him out of power.

Imran Khan claimed that his party, the PTI, has faced significant arrests, with over 10,000 workers currently detained and the entire senior leadership in jail. Khan also mentioned the violent incidents and arson attacks on government buildings and army installations that occurred following his arrest on May 9, suggesting that these events were used as a pretext to dismantle his party.

imran khan
concerns about his personal safety

He further alleged that women and children have been imprisoned, and there are attempts to subject them to military courts. Khan acknowledged his past working relationship with former army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa but claimed that the ruling coalition aims to eliminate him out of fear of losing elections.

He expressed concerns about his personal safety, citing the assassination of a former Punjab governor as a precedent. Imran Khan also voiced worries about the coalition government potentially postponing the national elections scheduled for October, stating that they might only hold them once it becomes evident that the PTI will not emerge as the winning party. Lastly, he claimed that the deterioration of the situation has reached a point where even judicial decisions are being disregarded.


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