India and Canada Exchange Travel Advisories in Reciprocal Move


India and Canada Exchange Travel Advisories in Reciprocal Move:

In response to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s allegations of potential Indian involvement in the killing of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in June, India has issued a travel advisory for India has issued a move advisory for its nationals in Canada and those intending to move to Canada.

The advisory warns of growing anti-India activities and politically endorsed hate crimes and criminal violence in certain parts of Canada. Home nation nationals are urged to exercise extreme caution and avoid regions and venues that have witnessed such incidents, particularly those targeting Indian diplomats and community members opposing the anti-India agenda.

india and canada exchange travel advisories in reciprocal move
India and Canada Exchange Travel Advisories in Reciprocal Move

The Indian government will maintain contact with Canadian authorities to ensure the safety of our community in Canada, and Indian students are advised to remain vigilant due to the deteriorating security situation. In a tit-for-tat response, Canada has also issued a travel advisory, urging its citizens to exercise a high degree of caution when traveling to India, especially in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, where there is a threat of terrorism, militancy, civil unrest, and kidnapping.

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