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HomelatestThe Indian Shoaib Akthar! Age: 18 Pace: 145+kph

The Indian Shoaib Akthar! Age: 18 Pace: 145+kph

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Kamlesh Nagarkoti, an 18-year-old, shy and thin lad standing 5’8” took the world by surprise. It is rare to see someone from India clocking speed over 90mph in International cricket. The young lad, Kamlesh not only surprised everyone watching him play the ICC U-19 World Cup against Australia, but also grabbed mighty Ian Bishop’s attention. During the match with Australia, the world has seen a raging fast bowler hustling towards the Australian batsman.

Clocking over 90mph is a dream come true for any fast bowler. Whatever might be the reasons, we hardly seen any Indian bowler constantly hitting the 145+kmph mark. Though bowlers like Zaheer Khan clocked over 145kmph, he had to give up the pace for accuracy. Sreesanth who shined like a pearlmet with a disastrous end.

It doesn’t seem to be in the case of Kamlesh Nagarkoti. During the 15th over, Kamlesh Nagarkoti changed the face of the game. After getting Max Bryant caught at cover with 144kph delivery with the 2nd ball of the over, Nagarkoti’s pace clocked 144 kph for the fifth ball and a shocking 147 kph for the final delivery.

Nagarkoti managed to clock speeds over 144+ kph constantly even in his 4th, 5th and successive overs. He kept the world talking about this deadly pace and accuracy.

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