Indian-American student facing attempted rape charges


Indian-American student Kalp Patel has pleaded guilty to criminal

A former Indiana University student of Indian-American descent, Kalp Patel, has pleaded guilty to criminal confinement after being charged with attempted rape. Patel, aged 22, was arrested in January 2022 for the incident, which took place in his dorm room on the Bloomington campus.

Several charges, including strangulation, sexual battery, and resisting law enforcement, were dropped as part of a plea deal. Patel has been sentenced to over a year of unsupervised probation but will not serve jail time.

Patel has been sentenced to over a year

The incident occurred when a female residential assistant responded to Patel’s screaming and found him in a distressed state. Patel suddenly attacked her, but she managed to fight him off until the police arrived and apprehended him.

Patel admitted to consuming THC-laced gummy bears prior to the incident and claimed that he felt like he was in a dream while attempting to engage with the assistant. Indiana University has banned Patel from returning to the dorm and the entire Bloomington campus.


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