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Indian Army takes revenge | 4 Pakistani rangers killed | Indian Army crosses into Pak Border

Indian Army takes revenge Killed 4 Pakistani rangers 

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The Indian Army took its revenge after the Pakistan soldiers killed four Indian soldiers including a Major. The Indian border security forces took the Pakistani troops by surprise with the cross-border strike. Shockingly, the Indian Army trespassed the line of control and entered Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

The Pakistan government officials have confirmed the deaths of its soldiers but denied any involvement of their troops in the killing of four Indian soldiers. A group of small infantry battalion was deployed in the Poonch sector by the Indian army. The Indian soldiers crossed into the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and placed IED – Improvised Explosive Devices.Indian Army takes revenge Killed 4 Pakistani rangers  

The Pakistani troops on realizing the trespassing of Indian troops started marching towards the line of control. They [Pakistani Troops] were stunned after the IED exploded. It took a while before they recovered.

The Indian troops opened a barrage of fire at the looming Pakistani troops. 3 Pakistani soldier suffered an instant death, while another Pakistani soldier succumbed to injuries. The Pakistani soldiers belonged to the 59th Baloch Regiment.

Interestingly, the Indian Infantry Battalion troop informed the headquarters before carrying out the strike. The headquarters replied them asking ‘do it swiftly as Pakistan would not be expecting a retaliation this soon from our side.’

The Indian troop’s strike was appreciated by every citizen of the nation.

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