Info Edge Mobile Apps Removed from Google Play Store Amid Fee Dispute


Info Edge (India) Ltd revealed on Saturday that some of its mobile apps, like and 99, were taken off the Google Play Store. This happened after Google removed various apps due to a disagreement over service fees. Google stated that several companies, including prominent ones, hadn’t paid the necessary fees despite benefiting from the platform.

Info Edge expressed surprise at Google’s sudden action without prior notice. They clarified that users who already have the apps installed can still use them. Also, those accessing the apps via other platforms like the Apple App Store or the web aren’t affected. Info Edge is now reviewing the situation and working with Google to get its apps back on the Play Store.

The dispute arose because Google introduced a fee of 11-26% on in-app payments following a directive from the Competition Commission of India (CCI). Google removed apps that didn’t comply after the Supreme Court didn’t grant interim relief. Despite Info Edge’s compliance with Google’s policies, its apps were removed.

Info Edge’s founder emphasized the need for a strategic response to such challenges. He suggested creating an App Store or Play Store as part of Digital Public Infrastructure, similar to UPI and ONDC. This move, he believes, would ensure better compliance from Indian companies and offer a sustainable solution to such disputes.


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