Infosys & Handelsblatt Join Forces: Decoding Complex Economics with AI


Infosys Teams Up with Handelsblatt to Make Financial News More Engaging

Indian tech company Infosys just inked a deal with Handelsblatt Media Group, a major German media company, to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to their financial journalism.

Infosys’ AI platform, Topaz, will be used by Handelsblatt Research Institute (HRI) to make their complex economic and financial reports easier to understand for everyday readers.

Imagine being able to grasp complex financial topics without needing a degree in economics! Infosys says their AI will take HRI’s research and turn it into clear, engaging stories that will inform and entertain Handelsblatt’s audience.

This partnership is a big win for both companies. Handelsblatt will be able to reach a wider audience with their reports, and Infosys will be at the forefront of using AI to revolutionize storytelling in the media industry.


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