Instagram up after a brief outage


Instagram Down Again

After being down for over an hour early on Monday, Instagram, which is owned by Meta, resumed normal functioning. During the outage, users experienced errors indicating that the app couldn’t refresh, while the website appeared blank for some individuals. According to a spokesperson from Meta, a technical issue was responsible for the disruption, causing difficulties in accessing Instagram globally.

The company promptly resolved the problem for affected users and expressed apologies for any inconvenience caused. The outage occurred around 6 PM ET on Sunday, as reported by DownDetector, a website outage tracking portal. It’s worth noting that other Meta services like Facebook and WhatsApp were unaffected.

the company promptly resolved the problem

Instagram confirmed the restoration of service and acknowledged the brief outage, assuring users that the issue had been resolved. Over 100,000 users globally reported problems with the photo-sharing platform.

In a previous incident in October of the previous year, numerous Insta users worldwide encountered issues such as being locked out of their accounts and receiving messages stating that their accounts had been suspended. Some users also faced challenges when attempting to appeal its decision, resulting in being logged out and their email and password not being recognized.


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