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Is RGV going to create the magic with MM Keeravani?

Is RGV going to create the magic with MM Keeravani?

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If you talk about Controversies we remember only one name, and that is none other than RGV. Undoubtedly he is one and only controversial director in Tollywood. His tweets raise many eyebrows every day but he is one talented guy who can defend himself by claiming that people have misunderstood him as they failed to reach his level of English.

His personal life is full of interesting insights to talk about, but he also enjoys exceptional talent on his professional front. Varma with his loose tongue and controversial tweets is already in the bad books of many. If reports are said to be true, Music director MM Keeravani is also one among them.  If we go back to past, we even know the director made some strong comments on Varma’s flop movies and track record.

So out of all the combinations, the combo of RGV and MM Keeravani is the last and the least one we can expect from the audience. But for Varma nothing is impossible. If the buzz is true, RGV is considering to make MM Keeravani give scores to his upcoming projects. Interestingly, the duo also met and had discussions on the same.

Kshana Kshanam is their biggest together. Film circles cannot deny the fact that they may be a rare combination but they are immensely talented in their respective fields.

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