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Comedian Demands Rs 1 Crore!

Is Saptagiri Demands Rs 1 Crore

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Comedian Saptagiri rose among the ‘comedian list’ pretty quickly. With his typical accent and excellent acting skills, he became one of the leading comedians in Tollywood. There was a time when Saptagiri even overtook senior star comedian Brahmanandam.

The actor plays the lead role in two films so far; Saptagiri Express and Saptagiri LLB. Though ‘Sapthagiri Express’ received positive reviews upon its release, Saptagiri LLB bombed at the box office. Surprisingly, a producer approached the star comedian, asking him to don the lead role, under Eshwar Reddy’s (fame of Siddhu from Srikakulam) direction.

Reportedly, Saptagiri demanded Rs 1 crores as remuneration. Shocked at the demand, the producer was nowhere to be seen. After a couple of weeks, Saptagiri once again came forth with a proposal, stating that he would instead share profits from the film.

Feeling it would be a good deal, the producer signed him on the film. The producer believes that he need not worry about the hero’s remuneration, which usually makes the bulk of the budget. From Saptagiri point of view, he believes that he can take home more than 1 crore, given the profit-sharing deal with the producer.

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