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Tollywood Celebrities Comments On Reviewers Is Correct…?

Is Tollywood celebrities comments on reviewers is correct

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Is Tollywood celebrities comments on reviewers is correct: NTR criticized the reviewer in ‘Jai Lava Kusa’ success meet. He referred reviewers as a road side person by expressing his anger. NTR words became a big fuzz that before audience see the movie how can the reviewers write that the movie is average. Some didn’t care about NTR words. But the film industry is telling that NTR shouldn’t talk like that. Even though Mahesh Babu related positively on reviewers but all the Telugu audience are believing that the rumors about reviewers are not correct.

The film people should understand that only 5% of the audience are dependent on the reviews. There are the audience who wants compulsory see the Star heroes movies even though the movie has a negative talk. The only public review will reach the most audience rather than reviewers. Then the audience decides to see that particular movie or not. Only 5% of the audience will lose for a movie with the bad review but 80% of the audience loss for the bad talk.

The film critics opinion is that the movie should have a good content rather than the good reviewer. If the content is good then the review will be good. Some are telling that by writing reviews they are killing interest towards the movie but it’s not correct. Presently there are many flop movies even disasters but at that, there are no much reviews right…? Moreover NTR ‘Narasimha’ movie just run for 2 days then at that time there are no much reviewers. Then why that movie became like that…? If the movie is not then the negative talk comes. So better stop fuming in reviewers and start choosing good films.

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